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Swapin is a Licensed and Secure Business
Swapin is a Licensed and Secure Business
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Swapin operates as a licensed and regulated entity registered within the EU, specializing in providing virtual currency services.

Understanding Swapin's History

Swapin began its journey in 2017 as Piixpay. Founded by Evald-Hannes Kree, the company set out to create what we now know as Swapin's crypto-to-fiat solutions. The team believed strongly in the power of blockchain-based crypto payments to revolutionize global transactions, making them faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

With years of experience in e-commerce, fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, Swapin's founder and core team understood the importance of following the rules and regulations. From the very beginning, they made sure Swapin was built with regulatory compliance in mind, ensuring that users could trust the platform right from the start.

Swapin is Licensed, Regulated, and Compliant

Safety, security, and ethical business practices are paramount to us. Since our inception, Swapin has been dedicated to adhering to all regulations and guidelines. We are licensed and regulated by the EU, ensuring that we meet stringent governmental standards. Safeguarding your funds and personal information is our utmost priority, and we utilize advanced security measures to ensure their protection. Furthermore, we are committed to transparency, honesty, and responsibility in all our dealings. In summary, Swapin is licensed, regulated, and steadfastly committed to keeping your assets and data secure. We strive to be a reliable partner for all your cryptocurrency needs.

Our licensing is granted by the EU under the VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) framework, enabling us to operate as a provider of virtual currency services. We uphold the highest standards of compliance, aligning with the Anti-Money Laundering Directive 6 (AMLD6), which aims to combat money laundering and terrorism financing within the EU and its partner nations. With our licensing and registration, Swapin is authorized to offer crypto-to-fiat payment solutions that fully comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

Trustworthiness and Regulation at Swapin

At Swapin, we prioritize your safety and trust by following strict industry standards and regulations. As a regulated European digital currency service provider, we hold licence FVT000088 and are proud members of respected organisations like the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Estonian Web3 Chamber, and the Swiss Crypto Valley Association.

We're dedicated to providing secure and legally compliant solutions for both individual users and businesses. Our crypto-to-fiat services cater to both B2C and B2B segments, ensuring that businesses and their customers can navigate the digital asset landscape with confidence.

Our commitment to quality and compliance has earned us widespread recognition in the media, as well as strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Kraken, StartupYard,, Veriff, and LexisNexis. By developing innovative solutions like SwapinCollect and SwapinGet, we enable businesses to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies while mitigating risk and streamlining compliance.

Swapin is Subject to Audits

Swapin undergoes rigorous audits to ensure both regulatory compliance and technological security. These audits are crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of our ecosystem. Swapin has successfully passed audits conducted by Grant Thornton, an independent auditing company operating in over 130 countries worldwide.

At Swapin, security and compliance are top priorities. We regularly subject our network and payment solution platforms to audits to ensure they meet the latest security standards and requirements.

Unwavering Commitment to Compliance

Over the past several years, Swapin has been hard at work developing new payment solutions tailored for both individuals and businesses. Throughout this process, ensuring compliance remains our top priority.

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