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Complete KYB Guide
Complete KYB Guide
Updated over a week ago

If you are a business owner who wants to implement cryptocurrency payment methods, you must sign up as a business and complete account verification (KYB = know your business). Swapin needs to check if the funds are being used by business owners, shareholders, and partners by collecting data such as registration, licensing documentation, and identities of business owners.

  1. Click on the Business section on the right, and proceed with the instructions written below

  2. Add your company details as per the registration documents.

  3. Upload your supporting documents.

  • certificate of incorporation (business registration (also known as business registration document/certificate).

  • registry card of the company (article of association, AOA, also known as constitution, memorandum, articles of incorporation).

    4. The activity section requires relevant information about the company's activities.

5. The identity section provides the details of the person who represents the company. A photo ID document issued by the government (preferably an international passport or ID card) is required.

6. Owners & UBOs provide the information of actual owners & shareholders of the company

After submitting all the requested documents, we will review your documents. All the documents will be processed according to the local Estonian laws.

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