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SwapinWidget KYC
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As a new SwapinWidget customer, first, you need to complete the verification (KYC, which is the Know Your Customer process), but don’t worry, you only need to go through this verification once. The next time you use SwapinWidget, you'll go straight to the transaction process.

Documents needed for verification.

Please prepare the following documents required for KYC verification:

  • ID: This should be a government-issued identification document such as a passport or residence permit. Please note that a driving license cannot be accepted as an ID document.

  • Proof of address document: This is a document that verifies your residential address, confirming your identity and physical presence at a specific location. Common proof of address documents include utility bills and bank statements. You can find more information on how to provide proof of address in this article.

Verification process.

Step 1: Enter your personal details.

Enter your phone number, citizenship, and birth country.

Step 2: Enter your home address.

Step 3: Verify your identity

You need to have your ID and be ready to take a selfie of yourself.

Step 4: Click “Start verification”

It will take you to the verification process of taking photos of the front and back of your ID document and a selfie of yourself.

Step 5: Click “Continue”

It will take you back to Swapin interface, where in a few moments you will see a message saying “Your identity is verified”. Click “Continue” to go to the next stage.

Step 6: Verify your address.

For that, upload a document issued within the last 3 months. It can be a bank statement, mortgage statement, or utility bill. Once you’ve done that, hit “Continue”.

Step 7: Check the boxes

You need to confirm that you have provided the correct information to Swapin and that you are using this account for your personal needs. Click “Continue”.

You will see a message saying “Thank you. Your verification is now under review!” It can take up to 2 hours for this step.

After your verification is completed, you will receive an email and you can proceed with your buy or sell order.

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