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Account FAQ
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What is Swapin?

Swapin is a quick, licensed, and regulated payment solution based in the EU, linking crypto and banks. Since 2017, Swapin has been a leader in crypto-to-bank payments. Our goal is to connect Web3 payments with the traditional banking system, simplifying cryptocurrency spending like any other currency. More info under this article.

Where is Swapin registered?

Swapin is operating under the license FVT000088 registered in Estonia.

What countries are supported by Swapin?

At present, we serve customers from EEA and Switzerland. To use Swapin services, you need to have a SEPA bank account.

How to sign up for Swapin?

To access Swapin services, account verification is required. We offer three verification levels: Starter, Basic, and Full. We suggest beginning with the minimum level available to you, with the option to upgrade later. The full sign-up process is explained under the Complete KYC Guide.

How to log into my Swapin account?

  1. Click on the "Log in" button on the top right corner

  2. Please enter your registered email address and password.

  3. You can also log in using Social Networks if you've linked your social media account to your Swapin account. Simply log in with your email and visit the Preferences page to connect your social media account.

How do I reset my password?

  1. Visit the login page.

  2. Click on "Reset password".

  3. Check your registered email to get the password reset link.

Why can't I log in?

Swapin is compatible with all device types and browsers, provided you're using the latest updated version. If you encounter login issues, consider the following:

  1. Try using a different device or an updated version of your browser, such as Chrome.

  2. Disable any plug-ins, like VPNs, that may block access to the app.

  3. Ensure you're using the correct link or app to log in. On the Web App, enter your registered email address and password on the Login page.

  4. Clear your cache and cookies.

  5. Check if autofill options are enabled and try disabling them, as incorrect login credentials may be saved.

  6. Disable private or incognito mode in your browser.

What can I do if I do not receive a confirmation email?

If you haven't received the confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder in your email inbox. If you still can't find it, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

What are my referrals and rewards and where can I find them?

Earn 50€, give 50€! earn service fee vouchers, worth 10€ each for every friend you invite. Your friend will receive a signup bonus of vouchers worth 15€ service fee each.*

  1. You can find the Rewards tab in your dashboard.

  2. All the available Vouchers earned by you can be copied and used.

  3. You can create customized Referral links to invite your friends and family.

Note: Vouchers cannot be used partially, and only one can be applied per transaction.

*Service fee vouchers can be used on crypto-to-euro transactions to lower service fees.

Is it possible to upgrade my account to a business account?

No, it's not possible to upgrade an individual account to a business one. You need to create a separate account for your business and follow the KYB process.

Can I keep my assets in Swapin Wallet?

No, Swapin does not hold customer assets. As a non-custodial solution, we use your funds solely for conducting transactions.

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