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Transactions FAQ
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What to do if there's an issue with a transaction?

If you encounter any issues with a transaction, don't worry, Swapin is here to assist you. As a licensed and regulated payment provider, we are dedicated to resolving your concerns promptly. The key step in resolving transaction issues is to contact Swapin Support at [email protected] from the same email linked to your Swapin account and provide the Swapin transaction ID.

While it may seem convenient to reach out to us through various social media channels, this isn't the most effective way to address transaction issues. We don't provide support on social media platforms, particularly in public post comments or on Telegram chat, as transaction details are private. Rest assured, we'll respond to your email inquiry as soon as we gather all the necessary information about your case.

What networks does Swapin support?

Currently, we support BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC, USDT.ERC20, USDT.TRC20, USDT.BEP20, USDC.ERC20, DAI.ERC20, TRX and BNB.

Do you support USD and SWIFT?

No, right now Swapin supports EUR and GBP as fiat currencies and operates in SEPA.

What is a SEPA bank account?

SEPA, or the Single Euro Payments Area, is an initiative designed to streamline and standardize euro-denominated bank transfers throughout Europe. To learn more about SEPA, please refer to the SEPA Bank Accounts article.

How to find my transaction ID?

  1. Sign in to Swapin App.

  2. Click on a transaction you are interested in.

  3. Copy the info on the ID field, this is your Swapin transaction ID.

Transacting on Weekends: What to Expect?

Weekend transactions with Swapin are usually quick, with 95% completed in under 5 minutes using Instant SEPA IBAN, and your transaction encounters no compliance issues. However, if there are any issues, it might take longer and require help from Swapin, the payment provider, or a bank. In those cases, expect your transaction to be resolved on the next business day.

What are the Transactions Limits?

The limits for your transactions as an individual Swapin customer depend on your verification level. More information can be found under the Swapin Transaction Limits article.

How quickly do your payments get processed?

If you are using an instant SEPA IBAN, your payment is likely to be completed in 5 minutes or less. For non-instant IBANs, it can take up to 2 business days. You can check if the IBAN is SEPA instant compliant using this tool: IBAN Checker. Instant IBANs are marked as SCT-inst.

How many confirmations do you need for BTC and USDT to get detected?

For BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH NETWORKS it is 2 conformations. For ETH, TRX, BNB NETWORKS it is 10 conformations.

I sent funds to the wrong network. 

Please contact us at [email protected] and provide your Swapin transaction ID, which can be found for each transaction in your history here. Additionally, include payment details from the network you used. We will make every effort to locate your payment. Please note that this is a paid service, a charge of 50 EUR will be applied. Unfortunately, for some networks, refunds may not be possible.

I made a mistake in the beneficiary's name, what's next?

Do not worry, your funds are safe! Please contact our support [email protected]. We will fix the issue but please note that this is a paid service, a charge of 50 EUR will be applied.

I forgot to add a reference to the transaction.

References are crucial for your fiat transfers when purchasing crypto using SwapinBuy. When sending fiat from your bank account, it's mandatory to fill in the reference field. If you omit the reference, funds will not be received automatically, and the Swapin Support team will need to process transactions manually.

What are the Swapin Fees and Conditions?

When using our product, you'll encounter Swapin and bank fees, along with exchange rates that may be fixed or floating. Crypto transactions also incur network fees based on your chosen network. For details, visit our Fees, Supported Currencies and Processing Times page.

Which fiat currencies does Swapin support?

Currently, we support SEPA payments. For SwapinGet, SwapinPay and SwapinCollect support both EUR and GBP, while SwapinBuy is available only in EUR at the moment.

Where can I find an overview of my transactions?

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click on All Transactions to see an overview of your account.

How often do the exchange rates get updated?

Swapin uses market exchange rates, updated every 3 minutes. These rates are displayed on your transaction details. For products like SwapinGet or SwapinBuy, the amount you receive depends on the exchange rate at the time Swapin receives your funds.

What are the exchange rates?

Exchange rates vary based on the product you're using. For SwapinGet and SwapinBuy, the exchange rate changes every 3 minutes. Meanwhile, SwapinPay maintains a fixed exchange rate for 30 minutes per transaction. You can view the exchange rates in your transaction details within the Swapin App.

What are Predefined Payments and How to Create Them?

Predefined payments are templates filled with payment details for recurring beneficiaries, saving time on repetitive data entry. The instructions on how to create one can be found on the Predefined Payments page.

How I can increase my transaction limits?

To raise your transaction limits, upgrade to a higher verification level. Simply log in to the Swapin App, click on your profile name at the top right, select "Account Verification"  and follow the instructions provided. This process applies to individual profiles only. Business profiles have predetermined limits based on the financial information provided during verification.

Additionally, explore our verification guides:

Can the transactions be reversed or cancelled?

In certain instances, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions can be reversed, leading to a refund to the originating wallet. Some common reasons for such reversals include:

  1. Insufficient crypto sent: When the sender transfers an amount of cryptocurrency that is less than the required amount for the transaction.

  2. Delayed transaction: If the transaction exceeds a 30-minute delay and the exchange rates have changed during this period.*

  3. Sending to an unsupported wallet address: When the sender mistakenly sends cryptocurrency to a wallet address that does not support that particular type of crypto (e.g., sending BTC to a TRX wallet address).

*In such cases where the transaction rates have updated and require additional funds to complete the transaction, we may request additional funds.

Why has my refund not yet been received?

The duration for a refund to reflect in your account depends on several factors, including the payment method, currency, and processing speed by your bank or wallet. Typically, refunds are processed within 1-5 business days. If you haven't received your funds as expected, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Why is my transaction pending?

As a licensed and fully regulated service provider, Swapin operates in compliance with EU regulations. However, it's important to note that each bank may have its own compliance procedures for fiat transactions. In some cases, additional information may be required before a transaction can be processed.

If requested by our compliance team, you may need to provide additional documents such as a source of funds (either crypto or fiat) and an invoice, especially if you are using SwapinPay. Please check your email inbox for any new messages from [email protected] and/or [email protected], as we may request these documents to ensure compliance. Be sure to also check your spam folder to avoid missing any important communications from Swapin

How to use Web3 Wallet Integration?

Connect Wallet is a feature that connects your crypto wallet with a Swapin account. You can find more info under the Connect Wallet article.

What is the minimum transaction amount?

The minimum transfer amount is 5 EUR, offering greater flexibility for your transfers. Daily and monthly transaction volume limits are determined based on verification and account profile. 

Please note: If a payment is less than 5€, it may appear as successful on the blockchain during the transaction. However, in our system, the payment will not be processed and will not be visible in your transaction history.

Can I make a payment on behalf of someone else?

No, Swapin accounts are for personal use only. Making payments on behalf of someone else will result in the closure of your account.

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