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Product FAQ
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What is SwapinPay and how to use it?

SwapinPay lets you use crypto for fiat payments and transfers, whether it's for invoices or sending money to your bank. While it's great for paying others, you can also use it to transfer funds to your own account. Check out the relevant article for a step-by-step guide on using SwapinPay.

I received an email instructing me to send additional crypto, despite having already sent the correct amount. What should I do?

This usually happens when the cryptocurrency transfer takes longer than the 30-minute window we allow for a fixed rate. After 30 minutes, our system updates the exchange rate, which may require you to send more cryptocurrency to complete your SwapinPay transaction. If this isn't the case, please contact our support team at [email protected].

I completed a SwapinPay payment, but the beneficiary claims they haven't received it despite it showing as completed.

If a SwapinPay transaction is marked as completed, it indicates that Swapin has transferred fiat to the provided bank account. However, the final processing depends on the recipient's bank. The beneficiary should contact their bank to check the status of the transaction.


What is SwapinGet, and how to use it?

SwapinGet enables you to cash out (off-ramp) crypto to your bank account directly from your Metamask, Trust Wallet, Argent or other crypto wallet. It’s important to know this feature works for self-payments only. In the SwapinGet article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up a wallet address and initiate a new payment.

Can I store crypto on my SwapinGet wallet address?

As a non-custodial solution, Swapin doesn’t hold your funds. Each time you need to cash out crypto, you will send a new amount of crypto to your SwapinGet wallet address. These funds will be converted to fiat and sent to your bank immediately. Unlike custodial solutions, we don’t own your funds, so your keys, your crypto!

How many SwapinGet addresses can I have?

There's no limit to the number of SwapinGet addresses you can create.

Can I link anyone's bank account to the SwapinGet address?

Because of KYC & AML regulations, it's not possible to link anyone else's account with your SwapinGet address. The SwapinGet product is intended for personal use only.

Can someone send me crypto using SwapinGet?

The answer is no, SwapinGet is strictly for your assets, meaning transfers must originate from your personal wallet. If you wish to receive payments from others as a business, please utilize SwapinCollect, as it's specifically designed for that purpose.

Can I close or delete my SwapinGet address?

No, you can't close or delete SwapinGet addresses, but you can simply choose to use only the ones you need.


What is SwapinCollect?

SwapinCollect allows businesses to accept cryptocurrencies, which are then instantly converted into EUR or GBP and transferred to the merchant's bank account. This streamlines accounting, eliminates exchange rate complexities, and ensures compliance with regulations.

How to pay a merchant using the SwapinCollect payment link?

In the SwapinCollect article, you'll find a step-by-step on how to pay a merchant with your cryptocurrency using the payment link you got with an invoice. It's a fast and seamless process!

Will I get receipts for SwapinCollect transactions?

Yes, you will see a report with all SwapinCollect transactions in your dashboard and you'll be able to download it as a file.

What kind of information do I need to provide to set up the account?

To start accepting crypto payments new business accounts need to complete their KYB and set up their SwapinCollect link.

How long does it take to set up the account and the link?

Setting up a new account typically takes 1 business day, including the time for reviewing documents provided during KYB. Once KYB is completed and your business account is verified, it takes minutes to set up your SwapinCollect link and to start accepting crypto as a business.

How can the customer pay using SwapinCollect?

You need to provide your SwapinCollect link to a customer with an invoice. The next steps for your customer will be:

  1. The customer gets an invoice and a SwapinCollect payment link.

  2. The customer opens their crypto wallet and sends crypto to the Swapin address. Rates are locked for 30 mins. Your company will get the exact amount of money as planned.

  3. Swapin will exchange the crypto and send it to your bank account in minutes.

Can I get individual fees for SwapinCollect?

Yes, it is possible to get individual SwapinCollect fees for your business. If your monthly transaction volume is over 250K EUR, contact [email protected] to get an individual offer.

Who pays Swapin and bank fees during a transaction?

Right now your customer (buyer) pays all fees during a transaction. We are considering adding other options in the future, e.g. a merchant can pay all fees. Contact [email protected] for individual offers.


How to sell crypto using SwapinWidget?

SwapinWidget allows partner apps to integrate crypto selling and buying directly into their platforms. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to sell cryptocurrencies using SwapinWidget.

How to buy crypto using SwapinWidget?

The easy-to-follow instructions on how to buy crypto using SwapinWidget can be found in this article.

What are the SwapinWidget Transactions Limits?

Your limit status information will be accessible on the SwapinWidget once you sign in. For more detailed explanations, refer to the Swapin Transaction Limits article.


What is SwapinBuy?

SwapinBuy is a crypto on-ramp solution enabling direct purchases of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies from your bank account.

What are the benefits of using SwapinBuy?

SwapinBuy offers several advantages:

  • Wide transaction volumes: Whether transacting with 5 EUR or 10M EUR, SwapinBuy accommodates various transaction volumes.

  • Non-custodial: We never hold your funds; purchased crypto is deposited directly into your wallet.

  • Flexibility: Buy crypto and have it sent to any wallet address, not limited to your own.

What cryptocurrencies can I purchase with SwapinBuy, and in which fiat currency?

Currently, SwapinBuy enables the purchase of USDT, BTC, and ETH using Euros.

What networks are supported for cryptocurrency transactions?

SwapinBuy supports TRON, Ethereum, and Bitcoin networks for on-ramp transactions.

Are there any fees associated with using SwapinBuy?

Yes, fees apply. You'll incur a Swapin Fee based on transaction volume, along with a standard Network Fee for blockchain transactions. Additionally, a floating exchange rate at the time of conversion applies. These fees apply to both business and personal accounts.

Are the transaction volume limits cumulative for SwapinPay and SwapinBuy?

Currently, transaction volumes for SwapinPay and SwapinBuy are calculated separately and applied to each transaction.

What is a floating rate?

The floating rate updates every 3 minutes during a transaction. The final exchange rate, determined at the moment we receive fiat, affects the amount of crypto you receive.

How long does it take to complete the transaction?

Transaction completion time varies. Instant SEPA-enabled bank accounts take minutes, while others may take about 1 business day. Verify Instant SEPA compatibility using our IBAN checker.

Who can use SwapinBuy?

SwapinBuy is available to individual customers with Basic and Full verification levels, and business customers in the EEA and Switzerland within the SEPA region.

Are my funds safe with SwapinBuy?

Yes, Swapin is non-custodial. Funds are converted to crypto and deposited directly into your provided crypto wallet, typically within minutes.

How will I know when my transaction is complete?

Upon completion of fiat receipt and crypto conversion, the transaction status updates to 'Completed,' and crypto is sent to your provided wallet address. You'll receive an email notification confirming transaction completion. For further inquiries about SwapinBuy, please get in touch with our support team at [email protected].

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