What is SwapinGet, and how to use it?

SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) will let you send crypto to your Swapin wallet and euros will be sent to your bank account automatically. To link your Bank account with your crypto wallets: 

  1. Log in to your account and click the SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill).

  1. Enter the SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) name based on your preference.
  2. Select your preferred Coin e.g. Bitcoin, which you wanted to link with this bank account.
  3. The Beneficiary's name will be fetched automatically from your account which you can not change.
  4. Add your IBAN to the beneficiary‚Äôs IBAN address.
  5. In the Beneficiary's address field, enter your postal address and after confirming the bank account details, click Continue.

To use a SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) service:

  1. In the header menu, click on SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill). You will see all your SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) addresses
  2. Use the Wallet address to transfer coins. Remember to send only the coins assigned to this wallet address.
  3. Whenever coins are received in the wallet, we automatically exchange your crypto and send euros to your connected bank account. All exchange rates are subject to the market rate at the time of the exchange transaction.

Note: Swapin features have been renamed recently to SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill), SwapinPay (ex-InstaPay), and SwapinBuy (ex-InstaBuy). Mockups are to be updated soon.