Where and how can I verify my personal account?

To start using Swapin services, you need to verify your account. You can verify your account as follows:

  1. The verification process can be initiated by clicking on Continue on the Dashboard page.
  2. You can start your account verification by clicking on Verification Incomplete as well.
    On the next page you have to fill in the personal information as follows:
  3. Enter your Full Name as per your Document.
  4. Select your current country of residence as per your geographical location.
  5. Choose your country code and enter your Mobile number.
  6. Select your country of Birth as per shown on your document.
  7. Choose the Citizenship according to your document.
  8. Select the volume of transactions you will be having in your account, and answer the KYC questions after that Save & Continue.
  9. On the Identity page, you can start the verification process.
  10. Clicking Start Verification will show a pop-up window that will take you to the verification process.