How many SwapinGet addresses can I have in my Swapin account?

There is no specific limit for SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) addresses in your account. To check all the created SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) addresses follow the instructions below:

  1. Click SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) to view all your address.
  2. You will see all the created SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) addresses linked with specific bank accounts. All the SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill) addresses have unique wallet address for sending crypto.

Select any wallet address to view and make the transaction.

Note: Swapin features have been renamed recently to SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill), SwapinPay (ex-InstaPay), and SwapinBuy (ex-InstaBuy). Mockups are to be updated soon.