How long will it take to receive money from a bank account?

Bank transfers usually take up to a few minutes to half an hour. However, in some cases, delays can happen depending on various bank issues.

  1. You can click the All transactions tab where the transaction history is available.
  2. All transactions and their status can be viewed below.

95% of Swapin crypto-to-fiat transactions are processed in 5 mins or less. However, national bank holidays and weekends might affect the waiting times for non-instant SEPA bank transfers. 

Crypto transfer to Swapin

up to 5 mins

Instant SEPA Bank Transfer

up to 5 mins

SEPA Bank Transfer

1 business day

Visit the European Central Bank page to see the interactive map of countries in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). 

You can check any IBAN for Instant SEPA support (SCT-inst) on this page

Note: Swapin features have been renamed recently to SwapinGet (ex-InstaFill), SwapinPay (ex-InstaPay), and SwapinBuy (ex-InstaBuy). Mockups are to be updated soon.